Physician Credentialing ServicesLet nCred Handle The Paperwork!

Whether you call it payer credentialing, insurance credentialing, or Provider Enrollment, it all means the same thing – get in network!  Until you are in network with insurance plans you will not receive reimbursement for your services.  The provider enrollment process is the beginning of your revenue cycle.

nCred has developed a standard process for Provider Enrollment that allows its clients to credential once with nCred and then select any number of insurance networks to participate with and have all necessary insurance credentialing information automatically prepared and submitted to desired health plan networks.  The nCred process gives its clients the advantage of better turnaround time and access to leading technology throughout the payor credentialing process.  Request a proposal from nCred to learn how our provider enrollment services can improve the efficiency of your organization or call our office at (423) 207-1009.

Request a Service Proposal

  • Physicians
  • PAs/ NPs
  • Podiatrists (DPM)
  • Chiropractors (DC)
  • Optometrists
  • Audiologists
  • Behavioral Health Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Many More

What provider enrollment and physician insurance credentialing services we provide:

  • Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment and Credentialing (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare, Tricare, and any other plan in the country!)
  • Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
  • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation
  • Medicare DMEPOS enrollment for physician groups
  • CAQH Registration
  • NPI Registration (Type I and Type II)

What you get with our provider enrollment and credentialing service

  • An assigned Provider Enrollment Coordinator to act as your advocate with insurance networks
  • Additional support staff who maintain your credentialing information and ensure your files are kept current
  • Access to the nCred Portal to monitor the status of your credentialing and retrieve information and files.  All your credentialing and enrollment information and documents in one central and secured location.  Unlimited users for your office staff who need access to your credentialing information
  • Paperless intake so that your setup time is minimal thanks to the cloud based nCred Portal
  • We complete all credentialing applications and submit all necessary information and documents to your chosen payor networks
  • We maintain your CAQH profile
  • Follow through with all payors after your credentialing is complete to ensure that your network participation contract is loaded so that you are ready to bill as an in-network provider
  • Maintain copies of all your executed contracts in the nCred Portal for your convenient access and monitoring
  • Work closely with your billing office or billing company to provide timely information on your effective dates for billing
  • Improved turnaround time of your payor provider enrollment applications and contracting process
  • Dedicated team to work on your payor provider enrollment process with all the insurance networks
  • The nCred portal offers you complete access to your data and files much better than any competitor
  • Support by experienced staff who work as your advocate with insurance networks to remove the paperwork burden from you
  • All staff work in our corporate office and are regular employees, we do not subcontract work
  • We can match or beat any competitor pricing!

Benefits of working with nCred

Experienced staff

Credentialing professionals with extensive experience in Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance provider enrollments work on your behalf

Monitor your progress

The nCred Credentialing portal provides you with real time access to all your information, files, and status of your credentialing applications.  Login to review the status of your applications, run reports, and retrieve data.

Focus on patient care

Let us handle the paperwork so that you can focus on patient care and other important operational matters with your medical practice.


Outperform Competition

nCred consistently proves better than competition!  We routinely take over from other credentialing companies who have lacked quality service.  Start with the best, start with nCred!