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Our focus is on healthcare practitioner credentialing

nCred is a custom developed credentialing software platform for managing the process of provider enrollment applications for insurance credentialing, medical license application processing, facility privilege application processing, maintenance of provider credentialing files, and primary source verification. Our cloud based system ensures complete transparency for all our clients by providing total access to the system that our staff utilizes to provide professional services.  Provider credentialing files, case information, and reports are all instantly available through our business sharing applications.

nCred was formed and launched in 2011 by the founder of Medical Business Office, a medical billing service.  After divesting the medical billing company in 2010, the team took their years of experience credentialing providers for the billing service and developed a business model that focuses on provider enrollment and primary source verification for healthcare practitioners of all specialties.  The management team and operational staff at nCred bring decades of healthcare administration experience to the organization.

We know credentialing

Our staff is in the United States and has extensive experience working with health plans to complete the credentialing process.

Forward Thinking

Our software platform allows our staff to work efficiently for large numbers of provider clients.  nCred constantly strives to improve efficiency through technology advances.

Problem Solvers

We know how to find answers to credentialing issues and resolve matters in an efficient manner.

Client Support

The nCred client community portal allows our clients immediate access to all activities performed by our staff.  This real-time access to your information allows for a superior customer service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track the status of my credentialing

Login to the nCred system to review your credentialing file(s), retrieve information or files, update information, check the status of a credentialing application, or run reports for your organization.

Where are you located?

Our corporate office is located in Chattanooga, TN.  We work for clients nationally serving all states and enrolling clients with any health plan in the country.

How long have you been in business


nCred was founded in 2011 by a team of medical practice management professionals.  Although a relatively young organization, the team members bring several decades of combined experience with credentialing and medical practice administration.

Do you sub-contract work?

NO!  All of your credentialing applications are processed by employed staff members of nCred.  No work is outsourced or “Off Shored”.

Do you have a referral or affiliate program?

No.  We do not allow our services to be re-sold.  nCred only works directly with clients needing credentialing services.  We do not work through brokers, consultants, or other arrangements where nCred is “behind the scene” giving the client an appearance of someone else performing services.

Why choose nCred?

There are many companies that provide services for payor enrollment, however, nCred has some distinct advantages.

  1. Our cloud based software platform with workflow automation allows our staff to work efficiently and quickly to meet your needs
  2. The nCred software platform provides you with real time access to your credentialing file, status reports, stored files, and interaction with the nCred team
  3. Automated email notices of expiring credentials such as licenses, insurance policies, certification’s, etc
  4. A team of staff members work to complete your payor enrollments and maintain your files.  No one person is overwhelmed with accomplishing everything involved so you have multiple layers of assistance
  5. Your nCred team members are employed and held accountable for their work.  Your services are not performed by subcontractors or “off-shored” to workers in another country
  6. Our experienced staff understand the pitfalls with enrollment and how to avoid delays

Our investment in technology and experienced staff mean that we may not be the cheapest selection to meet your needs, but will provide you with high quality service.  Don’t settle for getting emailed reports of your status or waiting for someone to call you with an update; work with nCred so you can login to your account from anywhere to immediately see the status of all your credentialing applications.


What are nCred clients saying about their experience?


Impressed since day 1 by the level of credentialing expertise and depth of knowledge our Rep provides us.

The challenges and idiosyncrasies she faces on a daily basis for our group are daunting and she manages them confidently and professionally, and always with a pleasant attitude.

Employees are exceptionally pleasant to deal with. Things were a little rocky in the beginning, due to the nature of our credentialing requirements, but I wouldn't change a thing now. Would recommend nCred to other companies in the future.

Very Quick To Respond, Good Updates, And I CanEasily Check My Matrix. I Wish The Insurance Companies Were ThIs Good!

excellent reliable professional service

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