Behavioral Health Credentialing

Behavioral Health CredentialingOur Behavioral Health Credentialing services can help you get in network with the important plans in your market.  nCred is experienced in working with mental health and behavioral health practitioners to get enrolled in the Medicare program and with commercial insurance plans.

Most commercial insurance plans have separate networks for behavioral health providers. nCred is experienced in working with the specialized mental health and behavioral health networks of insurance carriers and can assist you with the process.  Our behavioral health provider enrollment services can save you time and money by handling all the paperwork hassles involved in provider enrollment.  Our staff will work as your advocate with the insurance companies to get your application completed as timely as possible.


Benefits of working with nCred

Experienced staff

Credentialing professionals with extensive experience in Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance provider enrollments work on your behalf

Monitor your progress

The nCred Credentialing portal provides you with real time access to all your information, files, and status of your credentialing applications.  Login to review the status of your applications, run reports, and retrieve data.

Focus on patient care

Let us handle the paperwork so that you can focus on patient care and other important operational matters with your medical practice.


Outperform Competition

nCred consistently proves better than competition!  We routinely take over from other credentialing companies who have lacked quality service.  Start with the best, start with nCred!


Behavioral Health

Our staff is experienced with Psychiatry and Psychology specialties.  We have helped hundreds of providers enroll with various health plans, and can save your practice time with the enrollment process.



Behavioral Health Networks

nCred knows the behavioral health networks enrollment procedures.  Behavioral health providers enroll with different networks than medical providers.  We have experience working with these specialty networks and can save you time from the enrollment process.


Quick Turnaround

Our automated software solution populates your enrollment forms quickly so that the network gets your application sooner.

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