Hospital Privileges

Hospital privilege applications can be lengthy and time consuming.  Let the staff at nCred help you organize, prepare, and monitor your necessary privilege applications.  Our professional credentialing staff will work as your advocate with each healthcare facility to complete the process as efficiently as possible.


Experienced Staff

Credentialing professionals with extensive experience with facility privileging utilizing leading technology to make the process quick and efficient.

Cloud based software

Access to our software platform for monitoring your progress in credentialing, retrieving data and files stored on your behalf, maintaining CME history, and reporting on your organizational progress.

Focus on your patients

Let the experienced staff at nCred handle your credentialing needs so you can focus on patient care and other important business matters that you face on a daily basis.

Who can benefit from our services

Solo practitioners

small practices who simply don’t have the time or staff necessary to go through the paperwork process

mid & large size medical groups

Medical groups with solid infrastructure, but desire to have dedicated professionals handling privilege and other credentialing tasks so that business office staff can focus on revenue cycle duties.

Hospital owned practices

Large medical groups owned by hospitals or health systems that prefer dedicated staff members to handle credentialing tasks and prefer advanced technology resources for maintaining credentialing for its providers.

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