Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Checks

Effective October 13, 2016 the Connecticut Medicaid program will begin requiring fingerprint based criminal background checks (FCBC) for all providers

CT Medicaid provider enrollment

designated as a “high” categorical risk.  The new screening measures will be required for new enrollments as well as re-enrollments (re-validation) for providers and owners with a 5% or more interest in the provider/supplier.

High risk providers may not be required to submit to a fingerprint based background check if all of the following requirements are met:

  • the provider has a current “approved” Medicare enrollment;
  • a positive match between a provider, including their five percent or more owners, applying for Medicaid enrollment against the information in a Medicares’s enrollment record;
  • Medicare’s screening was based on a “high” risk level and FCBCs;
  • Approval by DSS

For any questions, you may contact Marcia Benson at (860) 424-5618 or Cynthia Bastiany at (860) 424-4843 from DSS Provider Relations.

Review the official notice here

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