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The onboarding process with nCred starts with building your provider credentialing profiles by providing your business entity information,  provider information, and necessary document copies to our onboarding team.  Our Onboarding Team is here to help you along the way if you have any questions or run into problems. Here are the next steps in implementing our services for your organization:

  1. Complete the nCred credentialing profile for your business entity and your healthcare provider(s)
  2. Upload or email copies of all required documents for your business entity and for your provider(s)
  3. After your entity and provider(s) nCred credentialing profile is complete, you’ll receive a copy to review and approve
  4. After all credentialing profiles are approved, you will be assigned an Account Manager or “Provider Enrollment Coordinator” who will begin working to manage your payor credentialing matters and prepare any applications that you have ordered.

PLEASE NOTE: No enrollment applications will be processed until your credentialing files (entity and provider) are complete and signed off by the practitioner or approved person in your practice.

You may begin completing your credentialing profile(s) by logging into the nCred Credentialing Portal.

After submitting your credentialing profiles, our onboarding staff will contact you for any additional information required. If you have questions during the initial process, please contact Stacy at (423) 443-4525 ext. 105 or email stacy@nationalcredentialing.com.

Thank you for selecting nCred as your credentialing services provider, our entire team looks forward to working with you!